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The Prayer Siege

A National Prayer Movement For Awakening 


Sunday, October 22



Youth emphasis that will incorporate encountering the Holy Spirit and prayer for their generation.

Joe Oden/Brooke Pitman

Monday, October 23



Prayer That Births The Miraculous:

In this session you will get an in depth view of the prayer life of the apostles and how the miraculous was directly tied to their personal devotion.

Joe Oden/Eli Miller



Prayer That Births Awakening:

The history of revival and awakening has one irrevocable component and it is none other than prevailing prayer. In this session you will get an up- close look at modern day revival and awakening that was birthed not by good preaching and education but from the secret place of prayer.

Joe Oden

Tuesday, October 24



Mobilizing The Next Generation in the Power of Prayer. Learning to lead the next generation in the power of prayer is essential. This session will give you key insights in leading youth and children in awakening.

Brooke Pitman



Praying in the Holy Ghost.

The weak cannot win this spiritual war. God’s word challenges us to build ourselves up for this conflict, and that can’t be done in the natural—it must be done in the supernatural. The Book of Jude contains wise counsel for us in saying, “, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost....” In this session you will gain valuable insight on how to pray in the Holy Ghost.

Ken Draughon

Wednesday, October 25



Understanding the Role Spiritual Warfare Plays in One’s Personal Prayer Life:

Looking at individuals like Hannah, Nehemiah and others one sees spiritual opposition assigned to shut down the progress of God’s will on the earth. In this session you will receive keys from the life of past intercessors from God’s word on how they pressed in and overcame.

Jami Paterson



Authority in Prayer

Focusing on the authority we have been given through Christ, this session will look at spiritual warfare through the lens of the military context in the natural to bring about a greater understanding of ow the church can strategize and be empowered to fight the battle in prayer.

Gina Arthur

Thursday, October 26



Restoring the Land through Prayers of Healing and Cleansing

If we are to receive the blessing of awakening and revival, we must first position ourselves under the authority of God. His designation of us as stewards started in the garden and remains our task. Discover how to steward

our spiritual authority over strongholds, principalities and powers in prayer.

Rita Sutton



Praying the word of God

Praying the word is what aligns us to know his will and hear his voice, in order to live his way. This is the journey of developing the lifestyle of praying the heart of God. Rusty Nelson

Friday, October 27



The Salvation Altar

There is a necessity in the church to make room for unsaved people to pray and meet God.

Joseph Wilson



Encounter service

One Service where we release what God has been saying over the ten days and a time of ministry and prayer that God would catapult North Alabama into revival and awakening. Joe Oden

Saturday, October 28

Day of Training in Outreach



What is the gospel?

Joe Oden



Moving in the miraculous outside the church.

Joe Oden




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