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4839 Calvary Blvd Tanner, AL 35671

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 5370 Decatur, AL 35601

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8 Reasons to join

We believe in community. It's easy to feel lost in a larger church and we want everyone to feel like Calvary is home.


We love food! Who doesn't like to eat? Jesus regularly broke bread with His disciples.


We reach you where you are! We know that we have members from all over the area and we want you to be able to fellowship wherever you are!


Maybe large crowds aren't your type. Smaller groups are great for one on one fellowship!


Life happens outside of the church. It happens in your community and your workplace. Meeting with likeminded people is just another way that we bring the Church outside of the church.


You can meet new people! We encourage you to get out of your circle of friends and meet some new people in our church!


Discipleship doesn't come without relationship. When we are relational with each other, we provide more opportunity for growth.


It's Fun! You can't beat a good time with good people! Sign up today!


Dinner For Eight