This year, we are partnering with River City Center, Summerford Nursing Home, Inc., and ___


      Thursday, July 11

  • Morning Session 9AM-12PM

  • Lunch 12PM-1PM

  • Afternoon Session 1PM-5PM

  • Evening Session 6PM-8:30 PM

      Friday, July 12

  • Morning Session 9AM-12PM

  • Lunch 12PM-1PM

  • Afternoon Session 1PM-5PM

  • Block Party 7PM-8:30 PM


Hymn Team

Team Lead: Pasto Phyllis Sawyer 

The Hymn Team will be coordinating at the different Nursing Facilities and singing old hymns of encouragement to the residents and staff. Everyone is welcome to join!

Prayer Team

Team Lead: Pastor Emilio Sanchez

We will be going out through the surrounding neighborhoods to offer people the Hope of Jesus through prayer!

Meal Team

Team Lead: Pastor Joey Richey 

Our meal team provides food for our working teams and also helps with preparation for our Block Party!


Team Lead: Pastor Mitch Hallmark

The Lawrence County Dream Center needs a crew to help with some upkeep during our Thursday sessions!

Media Team

Team Lead: Brody Whittier

Our Media Team will capture our teams on Photo and Video to share with our Calvary Live family!

Signs Team

Team Lead: Pastor Adrian Mostella

Our Landscaping team will be trimming up the outside of the school including the playground area and courtyard!

Block Party

Team Lead: Pastor Josh Maddox

On Friday at 7 we are holding a Block Party at the school for the neighborhood! We need lots of workers for this great outreach!

Cleaning Team

Team Lead: Pastor Brock Cubillo

Our clean up crew will be picking up trash and other cleaning duties around the school!

Shut Ins Team

Team Lead: Pastor Tony Willis and Rickey Brewington

Our teams will visit and pray for those who are unable to leave the house.


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